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Questions and Answers from AMCIS 2020

Questions and answers from the recent AMCIS 2020 panel can be found under our discussion menu section at the following link Discussion.

Feel free to register and comment, to continue the discussion.

Join us at AMCIS 2020

Members of the IS2020 taskforce will be attending AMCIS 2020 virtually on Tuesday, August 11th at 2.30 pm, we look forward to seeing you there! Details are available here.

Join Us at SIGED 2019 Munich

Join Us at SIGED 2019 Munich

We are hosting a panel during SIGED 2019 in Munich. We encourage everyone to participate in our discussions around updating the Information Systems Model Curriculum.

We look forward to seeing you there (details below).


Novotel M√ľnchen Messe Hotel


Saturday, December 14, 2019, at 13.00 – 14.30