About IS2020

The IS2020 report is the latest in a series of model curricula recommendations and guidelines for undergraduate degrees in Information Systems (IS). Unlike many previous recommendations, this report does not offer a prescriptive set of core and elective courses. This omission is purposeful and is intended to avoid problems that arise with rigid course specifications when applied to diverse educational contexts and modes of delivery. Rather, IS2020 follows and extends the competency thinking articulated in Computing Curricula 2020. The recommendations proffered in this report articulate competencies that graduates should have upon completion of an IS undergraduate program. The specified competencies are divided into groupings of requisite competencies (that should be delivered in all IS programs) and recommended elective competencies that students may receive depending on the specific profile of each program. Overall, the IS2020 report identifies nineteen competency areas, defining ten of them as required and nine as elective. These competency areas are grouped into six IS competency realms: foundations; data; technology; development; organizational, and integration competencies.

This new competency-based structure, which defines competency expectations at different levels, is intended to promote informed decisions in designing and evaluating IS undergraduate programs. As such, programs in computing schools may be able to dedicate a full course to cover each competency area. In contrast, programs in business schools (which typically allocate fewer courses for the major) may combine IS competencies in fewer courses. In this reduced environment, skill levels in many IS competency areas inevitably remain lower.

We are also aware that the discipline and industry remain in perpetual flux. Therefore, we recognize the need for the curriculum modeling process to continue as an ongoing discourse, continually shared via web platforms and digital mediation. Hence, we recommend developing an approach that combines three elements: governance of continuous work as part of existing AIS and ACM structures, use of traditional conference venues for live meetings, and use of on-line platforms and media to support ongoing discussion.

The IS2020 Taskforce welcomes your feedback.  Current versions and supporting documents are available on this site along with a mechanism for providing this valuable input into our process.

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