One comment on “IS2020 Final Report

  1. Thank you very much for giving us the chance to comment on the new IS
    2020 document. I think this is an extremely important initiative for the
    community and I would be happy to contribute already at an earlier stage
    next time.

    Let me first comment on pages 167 on. I think the competencies are in
    general well formulated. They are largely consistent with our
    presentation of the BPM area in Dumas et al: Fundamentals of Business
    Process Management, 2nd Edition,

    Competency 3 mentions process mining, which is correct as a recent
    discovery approach. However mind that process mining has become mostly
    synonymous with process monitoring recently, with systems like Celonis
    being directly integrated with ERP systems.

    Competency 4 and 3 should best be swapped: process identification and
    architecture comes before discovery in the BPM lifecycle. See e.g. Dumas
    et al. Also the definition of process performance indicators could
    deserve more emphasis.

    Competency 7 could be better structured by emphasizing process-aware
    information systems that support process implementation and execution.
    Systems like ERP, CRM, SCM form one group, systems like BPMS and RPA
    another. See Dumas et al. Mind that XPDL is far outdated, also BPEL. It
    is sufficient to refer to executable BPMN and Web services.

    So what is missing are two things: process mining as a general approach
    to monitoring and analysis, and BPM as an enterprise capability. Both
    are discussed in Dumas et al, Chapters 11 and 12.

    Regarding importance, it is on of the key challenges for building such a
    document as IS 2020 to separate changing labels and changing substance.
    We have been seen an immense uptake of BPM in the last 4 years. An
    admittedly biased testimony is the uptake of our own book, see, that is used in several hundred
    universities worldwide. Drivers of this increasing uptake are new
    process technologies including process mining, robotic process
    automation and process management systems. Any digitalization
    inititiative at an enterprise level makes use of them. Also business
    intelligence has become largely synonymous with process mining in many
    corporations. For that reason, I am surprised that BPM is not listed in Table-4-1
    as it is one of the key core areas.

    I would be happy to discuss this more. Let me know if this is of help
    for the IS 2020 document.

    Cheers, Jan

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