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Draft IS2020 Curriculum report

The Draft IS2020 report is available here – Please take the time to preview our draft report, this is a work-in-progress and contains both typos, errors, and is missing some content.  Regardless we welcome your feedback.


  1. Hi
    Thanks so much for all your work. The competence approach is really appreciated. You define competencies needed “to capably perform in a job, role, function, task, or duty”. I found the matching of Career Tracks to courses (Figure 6) in IS2010 useful and aligned and noted that something similar is not included. It would be great to have something similar, matching jobs/occupations to competency areas.

  2. Hi Lisa,
    This is just a short note to say that we are currently developing a table, that links competency areas to different IS jobs or career tracks, in a similar manner as Figure 6 in IS2010 linked courses to career tracks. I’m optimistic that we’ll have the first version of the table included in our next (October) release.
    Many thanks for the comment!

  3. Thanks for your feedback, Lisa.

    To add to Hannu’s comment, we anticipate the table mapping jobs/occupations to competency areas to be used bi-directionally (1) if a student wants a particular type of job e.g., data scientist the table will help them identify the needed competencies (2) conversely if a student has a passion for a particular competency area e.g., UI/UX design the table will help them identify possibly jobs.

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