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Information Request

The Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) and the Association for Information Systems (AIS) have asked individuals to work on the IS 2020 task force to review the IS 2010 Curriculum Recommendations and provide an updated IS 2020 document. The aim of this project is to revise the Information Systems Curriculum for bachelor’s degrees.

In order to do so, we are gathering information from various institutions regarding their Information Systems majors.

Please take a moment to visit the following Google Sheet link and fill in any information pertaining to your specific institution.

Please find your institution or add it and fill in or correct the information.

If the course is an elective please put an (E) next to the course number. Otherwise, it will be assumed that it is a required course.
We will use this information to help form the foundation of building a recommended curriculum for Information Systems majors.

We appreciate your help in this matter and hope that we can provide an accurate view of what is needed to improve the IS curriculum to meet current and future demands.

If you have any questions please contact Greg Anderson at profganderson@byu.edu

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