Welcome to the IS2020 model curriculum site

Please work with us as the ACM-AIS IS2020 Taskforce develops the next model curriculum. We will use this site to communicate our activities and collect feedback.

Members of the IS2020 taskforce will be attending SIGED 2019 in Munich, Germany. Details are available here.

We look forward to talking with you!

Information Request

we are gathering information from various institutions regarding their Information Systems majors. Please take a moment to visit the following Google Sheet link and fill in any information pertaining to your specific institution.


Please refer to our post Information Request for further information. If you have any questions please contact Greg Anderson at profganderson@byu.edu


  1. Dear colleagues Hannu, Paul,
    Thanks for updates! I will fill the survey. Regarding the core topic on Digital Transformation, I suggest kindly to review the Forbes 2018 list of the most innovative companies. #1 ServiceNow.com and #2 WorkDay.com are companies totally based on Cloud IT services and deserve to be analyzed.


    The other topics missed by our IT community, I estimate by a wrong old-fashion way to see the world (i.e. Checkland’s Weltanschauung concept), are:

    Design Thinking – Service Design
    VUCA world (volatile, uncertainty, complex and ambiguous world)

    However, these two topics fit more for the next MSIS graduate curriculum than for undergraduate curriculum.
    Ok thanks! Manuel

  2. Since we are moving to competencies, how about we also setup a place to securely share competency tests. This can lead to larger capability at assessing efficacy as well as easier continuous improvement and assessment of learning.

    • Dominic:

      Like your idea of sharing competency tests in a secure area. Plus, still hoping to get a rough idea of when a version of the IS2020 is released so as to better relate it to upcoming curriculum changes.

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